June 30, 2016

Field / Line / Route Sales

Field / Line / Route Sales are selling opportunities that occur out side of the office. Some organisations may send their sales personnel to close opportunities where products and services are delivered at a later date. Others may be able to deliver both at the time of sale.

A food and beverage manufacturer may have their sales team to sell directly to shops and key accounts. Each sales person is assigned a geographical location and a Route is mapped out for them. They can checkoff after each visit, they can generate Sales Order – and ship later or deliver immediately from their refrigerated truck and generate an Invoice. If they can collect a payment a Receipt can be issue.

At all stages a Print out on Bluetooth mobile printer or PDF or an can be provide to the customer.

As Mobility is the main aspect, the entire sales process can be tracked on Point Of Sale . Try out our latest version by visiting:

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